Public Event Replanting Milkweed And Grasses At Pemberton Big Spring 11/14/15

Come and be a part of history in the making…

November 14 –  NTMN Big Chapter Project
Project: 9:00 – 12:00… After Picnic and Presentation by Ben Sandifer: 12:00

Big Spring at Pemberton Farm is the last free-flowing Artesian Spring left in Dallas County. A rich heritage began with the founders of Dallas. The spring and surrounding acreage in the Great Trinity Forest was acquired by the City of Dallas in 2003. It is presently not open to the public.

Our project will be the planting of Green Milkweed Asclepias viridis,
(along with other native plants and grasses).  Milkweeds specifically, are the only plant eaten by Monarchs in larval or caterpillar stage. These plants were rescued from doomed acreage, 1/2 mile to the south of Big Spring during the new City of Dallas golf course construction, September 2014.

These plants have been under care of LAERF since then. (Lewisville Aquatic Education and Research Facility)  Our project will be under the guidance of LAERF staff.

What to bring
SACK LUNCH (beverages provided at After Picnic), Water Bottle, Hats, Small Hand Tools, Grass Clippers, Small Shovels and GLOVES! Please note that the milky substance produced from milkweed can cause a skin irritation in some people
Do you have?
Wagons or wheelbarrows……let us know
Teams will be:
Hole Digging, Planting, Water Bucket Filling, Water Bucket Hauling, Plant Flagging

…Hope to see you then, for a fun day with NTMN friends!

(Big Spring is located 10 minutes southeast of downtown Dallas)

Charlotte Flowers  (214-926-8376)
Richard Grayson  (214-733-4140)
Of interest Hill Rd., Dallas 75217.

The BCP will be next door to the newly opened Texas Horse Park. The Texas Horse Park is just north of  Loop 12, west of the Trinity River Audubon Center. Look for the signs to the Big Chapter Project approximately one block north of the Texas Horse Park.

Directions can be found at Or you can go to the Member Menu on the NTMN website, click on Volunteer Projects, and then click on Big Spring at Pemberton Farm.

For information contact NTMN Charlotte Flowers: (214-926-8376)